Well Works, a Healing Community

WWLogoLeafGrand Opening Reception
May 7th at 7:15PM
2851 Clover Street, Pittsford

Throughout my years of practice, it has become clear that no matter how much time is spent in meetings with patients, I am often left wanting to continue the conversation. There’s always more to the story. It is also clear that, even when medical advice and treatment are carried out correctly, much of our preventative wellness is an individual choice and happens outside of the doctor’s office. That perhaps our most valuable resources stem from shared information among professionals, paired with the healer within us all.

And so, it pleases me to announce the opening of Well Works, an innovative education facility that brings together mind, body, spirit and community. Well Works begins when the appointment ends. It is a learning space that joins patients and professionals together to create a community fueled by shared, cutting-edge information.

Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.”
–Steven Anderson, educator

How did Well Works come about? As a board certified integrative and family physician, my goal has always been to enrich conventional medicine by adding a natural approach to prevention and healing. I am a continual learner, attending courses and conferences, spending time with experts discussing the latest breakthroughs in our field, and focusing on how my patients can be proactive about staying healthy every day, through such simple remedies as diet, stress reduction, herbal supplements and the like.

The trend toward online classes, webinars and televised docs has concerned me, as there’s a definite disconnect when it comes to social interaction and the ability to sort through the electronically-provided dos and don’ts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After considering how patients and physicians might work together to tackle these issues, it occurred to me that I could make a change in their communication and connection. I could keep the stories moving forward. So, I invited fellow esteemed practitioners who share in my enthusiasm for community-based education to offer collaborative opportunities that are greater than the sum of our individual practices. That’s where Well Works comes in, filling the gaps in our healthy journey with meetings in live classrooms, face-to-face discussions and collective energy. It is as individuals that we choose to maintain our vitality and wellness, but it is as a community that our ideas, the stepping stones of healing, are learned and shared.

Although Well Works is brand new, I am excited about the learning opportunities that are already available, including weekly Tai Chi classes and education on hormone harmony, nutrition, holistic allergy remedies and bone health.

I welcome you to join in building our Well Works community and tap your most valuable resource, the healer within. We would love to hear more of your story.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

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