Leah J. Barabasz, Certified Aromatherapist

LeahFacultyLeah is a graduate of Nazareth College where she earned a B.S. in Biology. She has worked in research at the University of Rochester (Pharmacology & Toxicology) and Massachusetts General Hospital (Clinical Anesthesia). The balance of her career has been in the field of healthcare. Leah began her study of aromatherapy at the Aromahead Institute in 2006. She is a graduate of the Scholar’s Program (400 hrs. of training). In addition, she continues her study of Clinical Aromatherapy with Rhiannon Lewis of Essential Oil Resource Consultants and Robert Tisserand, a leading authority on essential oil safety. She currently has over 570 hrs. of training with essential oils.

The mission of Leah’s aromatherapy practice, Chemeia Aromatherapie, is to nourish health and encourage self-healing in each individual. She is a professional member of NAHA, AIA, and the Integrative Healthcare Committee of the Monroe County Medical Society.

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