Usha Shah, Spiritual Counselor

SquareUsahUsha Shah has studied metaphysics for the past thirty three years and has devoted many years to understanding, integrating and deepening both the Eastern and Western spiritual teachings that marked the beginning of an intense inward journey of self discovery and transformation. She is deeply in gratitude of the wisdom and guidance received from many of the great masters.

She has a B.Sc in Business Administration and after working for fourteen years for two of the Fortune 500 companies as a financial analyst, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream to become a spiritual counselor about twenty years ago. She has helped many people from various backgrounds through counseling, healing, meditation and understanding spiritual concepts from many traditions. She has taught meditation at Rochester Info Courses, Catholic Family Service of Rochester, Oasis, Penfield Recreation, Pittsford Recreation, Perinton Community Center, Chili Senior Center, Montgomery Nutrition Center, Ogden Senior Center, and at Clifton Springs Hospital. In 2011 she introduced sound energy in her meditation sessions and was amazed to see how people were able to transform their deep seated emotions and experience peace, harmony and balance. Sound energy healing is one of the most profound healing modalities that she has ever experienced and uses crystal bowls, tuning forks and gongs.

She found that many people struggle with meditation as silence and stillness is very foreign in our culture and as a result she introduced calm the mind. Qigong is an energy healing practice derived from ancient Chinese medicine and involves breadth, awareness and movement. Qigong is considered to be a form of moving meditation. The effect is the same and people feel calm, energized and peaceful after the session is over.

Her passion for travel opened another new path for her when one of the local travel agencies was willing to hire and train her as a travel consultant. For the past eighteen years she has been a travel consultant (currently with B. Roberts Travel Service of Rochester) and feels that travel is a great way to connect with places and people of different cultures as we live in a global society.

Greater awareness of our bodies and the shift in our culture to cut down meat and people wanting to eat meals that are nutritious, easy to prepare and relatively inexpensive was a great opportunity for her to teach nutrition and introduce healthy vegetarian cooking. She has taught healthy cooking classes at Tops Cooking School. She has also talked on nutrition at MVP Healthcare and at Penfield Recreation on several occasions.

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